XPEL Smoked Head & Tail light film

With HID, LED and laser lamps using ultra-clear polycarbonate or acrylic lenses, it’s easier than ever to see what’s in front of you on the road.

As clear and sleek as new composite headlights are, they’re also close to the road—and extremely vulnerable to damage from both debris and the sun’s UV rays.

XPEL Headlamp Protection Film has a proprietary outer skin that is nearly impossible to scuff or scratch, and an inner layer that bonds to lenses and evens out any surface imperfections. It’s thick enough to handle direct stone strikes, but still lets headlamp heat dissipate naturally.

Made from the same formula as XPEL Ultimate, The darker 'Slate Smoke 50' is recommended for rear lights and the 'Slate Smoke 35' for head lights, should you wish no to go for the normal clear ULTIMATE PLUS Protection Film.

The representations of performance and suitability for use contained in the Technical Data Sheet are meant only as a guide. Since only the
user is aware of the specific conditions in which the product is to be used, it is the user’s responsibility to determine whether the product it
suitable for that intended use.

The Darker tint film is NOT recommended for Head light application in South Africa as it is illegal. (Shown below)


Technical Data Sheet