Have you got what we need?

Do you have a Passion for Cars?

Have you got patience?

Are you a perfectionist?

Do you know the Global Influence of XPEL compared to other PPF's?

Do you conduct business in an ethical and manner becoming and associated with XPEL?

These are just a few of many questions you will be asked to determine whether you can fit in with the Family.


The South African market has been marred by substandard fitments, films and unethical conduct, in 2012 when CPP took to the market with XPEL, we had one objective, quality, service excellence and total Customer satisfaction. No compromise.

It's through our stern Corporate Policies & procedures which we believe we've perfected over the years that we have successfully established the XPELᵀᴹ brand synonymous with reputability, credibility, quality and integrity. 

In order to become a dealer and installer, you will first need to sign a a few documents protecting our and XPEL's IP (Intellectual Property), commit to exclusively represent the brand, up hold our code of conduct and then undergo a vigorous training program spread over a time, approved by XPEL Inc. USA. (Fee's may be applicable).

Secondly, CPP will NOT appoint and partner with dealers that are in the same Geographical location as existing dealers or dealers whom are already in the process of becoming accredited.

Pop us an e-mail to info@xpel.za.com with either a resume of yourself or profile of your company and we will be in touch.